#outofthebluethanks from 05/2021

Mark Smith Recognized for Outstanding Personal Service

September 21, 2017

Mistakes happen. In the very fast paced world we find ourselves living in, they can happen simply by hitting “enter.” It’s nice when someone intercepts the issue before the mistake hits the fan. Mark Smith was that someone for Yale Admissions last spring.

Mark is a Customer Service...

Mike Rivera Receives Thanks for His Kindness, Patience & Diligence

September 19, 2017

Michael Rivera is a patient person. He is also quiet and kind. Those qualities came in handy one late, late evening when responding to an urgent call from a student who had lost her keys. The young woman had been attending a concert at Sprague Hall and didn’t realize her keys were missing...

Yale Security Access Control Tech Thanked

September 14, 2017

It was just another day for Brian Pagan, Yale Security Access Technician, when a slightly frantic call came in from the Department of Anthropology about an after hours event. The caller said the department’s front doors needed to be opened or unlocked after 5 p.m. to accommodate this event...

Yale Security Officer Eric Traester Thanked for his Exceptional Service

August 18, 2017

When its raining, most folks shelter indoors. Yale’s Security Officers have walking beats in all kinds of weather. On one particularly rainy even stormy evening, Yale Security Officer Eric Treaster spotted a staff member sans an umbrella walking to her car. He voluntarily went up to her,...

Yale Security Officer Ken Nixon Assists Police Receives Thanks

April 10, 2017

Yale Security Officer Ken Nixon was walking his beat one recent evening when he saw someone get robbed. He immediately called in the incident into the police, described what the three individuals looked like, what direction they had headed and then helped to calm and reassure the victim. Because...

Yale Security Officers Thanked for Their Outstanding Service

February 22, 2017

During Monday roll call, Yale Security Officers Arnold “Arnie” Jandreu and Gerry Mulligan were pleasantly surprised with an #outofthebluethanks that included thank you cards, a gift and applause! Letters of gratitude were written on their behalf by a Yale Director and a gentleman visiting New...

The Relocation & Logistics Team Thanked for Their After 5 Diligence

February 15, 2017

Last minute and late night calls are the norm for Yale’s Relocation & Logistics Team, Diane Brown, Manager and Tom Schmidt, Assistant Manager. These individuals work quietly to move a lot of people...

Nancy Beausoleil of YPPS Recognized for Excellent Customer Service and More!

February 14, 2017

It was just another day in the office for Nancy Beausoleil, who is a Project Manager at Yale Printing and Publishing Services (YPPS). That was until she was pleasantly surprised with an #outofthebluethanks mini ceremony, during which she is given a thank you card, gift and read to from glowing...

Two Security Officers Thanked for their Outstanding Service

Yale staff recognition #outofthebluethanks
December 22, 2016

During a recent 6:30 a.m. roll call, Yale Security Officers Noel Cordero and Shiara Figueroa were recognized for their outstanding service with a surprise #outofthebluethanks. A letter was sent on their behalf by a staff member in Surgery who commended them for being “gracious enough to” help...

Candice Zarr Thanked for Stellar Work on Website Project

November 3, 2016

Recently, Project Manager Candice Zarr was thanked for her work on the It’s Your Yale website project. Candice, who is an independent contractor, was brought in to help guide this very large and complicated project. It was the first time at Yale that over 40 websites (and 5000 pages) from...

Michael Madera, Yale Mail Service Manager, Receives Thanks!

August 30, 2016

Yale Mail Service Manager Mike Madera recently received a big thanks from Deputy Vice President Janet Lindner and former Head of Pierson College Penelope Laurens. Through his dogged persistence he located an important piece of first-class mail intended for a member of Pierson College that was...

Security Manager Gary Mays Receives #outofthebluethanks

Security Manager Gary Mayes Receives #outofthebluethanks
July 11, 2016

Recently, Yale Security Manager Gary Mays received a surprise #outofthebluethanks during a routine staff meeting. He was recognized for his outstanding service assisting an elderly gentleman who had fallen at a campus event.

Yale alum Lisa DiPrete was visiting campus with her parents...

Security Officer Carlos Vega Receives Thanks!

June 2, 2016

(Carlos is pictured with Yale Security Manager Paul Gallipoli.)

Congratulations to Yale Security Officer Carlos Vega who received a commendation & #outofthebluethanks (his 2nd!) for his outstanding service to the University. Several members of the Yale School of Medicine complimented...

Consulting Team Chief Gets Surprise #outofthebluethanks

April 25, 2016

Yale Administration, Human Resources and Finance & Business Ops has been working with the Chief Team since last summer combining 42 websites into one. It has been a huge, intense project but Chief has met with us weekly, solved our problems, answered our questions and designed a very...

Yale’s Relocation & Logistics Team Recognized for their Steller Service

June 23, 2015

Tom Schmidt and Diane Brown, the dynamic duo who make up Yale’s Relocation and Logistics Management Office, receive their surprise #outoftheblue. A letter from the Master and staff of Jonathan Edwards College praised their help with student summer storage including better options,...

Human Resources Staff Member Receives Thanks!

June 23, 2015

Congratulations to HR Generalist Alexandra Leibenhaut (on left) whose thanks came in the form of a poem is pictured with Deputy VP Janet Lindner & Director of Media Strategy Lisa Maloney. Ali was the first staff member from HR to receive an #outoftheblue thanks.

Alexandra Leibenhaut...

Matt Cusmano of YPPS Recognized

June 23, 2015

Matt Cusmano (second from the right) recently received a surprise #outoftheblue. Joining him in the photo from LtoR are Frank Savino, Steve Taylor and YPPS Director Jeff Gworek.

Matt Cusmano (holding balloon), YPPS Printing Assistant, was recently recognized for “going...

Yale Police Officer Recognized for Assisting Staff Member

April 13, 2015

Congratulations to Yale Police Officer Ariel Melendez (on Left) with Lt. Brian Logan who recently received an ‪# ‎ outofthebluethanks‬ for his...

TR&S Manager & Driver Recognized for Outstanding Service!

March 17, 2015

Yale Support Services Manager, Gerry Appuzzo (L) and TR&S driver Cielo Lizasuian (R) receive their surprise #outofthebluethanks Director of Support Services Don Relihan (C) was there during both mini-ceremonies.

Two members of the Support Services Team recently...

Two Security Officers Receive #outofthebluethanks

March 17, 2015

Security Officers Judith Rivera and Michael Sasser receive thanks for their outstanding service! (This was Judith’s second #outoftheblue!)

Two security Officers were surprised with an #outofthebluethanks. Judith Rivera received her second gift (the only person so...

Mail Service Team at the Medical School Receives Thanks

March 2, 2015

Three members of Yale Mail Service Medical School recently received a surprise team #outofthebluethanks. Gerry Apuzzo, Support Services Manager was there to thank them for their outstanding service to the university and pass out special #outoftheblue bottles. Shirley Brockington, Peggy Nelson...

Yale Security Office Gloria Colon Lauded for great service

February 5, 2015

A Yale alum recently wrote a letter about Gloria Colon’s outstanding service. Here she is after receiving her #outofthebluethanks recognition award.

A smiling Gloria Colon greeted me as I walked into the foyer of the Yale Art and Architecture building. To her...

Two Security Officers Surprised with #outofthebluethanks

January 16, 2015

Latoya Arnold and Carlos Vega were the latest recipients of Yale Administration’s #outofthebluethanks staff recognition program.

Two Yale Security Officers recently got a surprise visit, gifts, balloons and thanks for their outstanding service to the community....

Yale Mail Service & TR&S Staff Receive Group #outofthebluethanks!

December 15, 2014

The hard working men and women of TR&S (Transportation, Receiving and Storage) and Yale Mail Service were recently treated to a pizza lunch and surprised with gifts and accolades for a team #outofthebluethanks.

The hard working men and women of TR&S (...

First #outofthebluethanks for Graduate Housing Staff

November 24, 2014

From LtoR George Longyear, Director of Graduate Housing, Janet Lindner, Deputy VP of Administration & HR, Lisa Maloney, Director of Media Strategy and Melanie Pagan, Manager Graduate Housing are all smiles after surprise #outofthebluethanks.

Keeping children safe...

Hal Schwartz of YPPS Gets Thanks from Yale’s Emergency Management

October 17, 2014

Hal Schwartz, Print Production Coordinator at YPPS and Director Jeff Gworek all smiles after an #outoftheblue surprise.

Since 2 009 Hal Schwartz has worked on multiple print projects with Emergency Management Director Maria Bouffard. Upon hearing about Administration...

Three Security Officers Receive Surprise #outofthebluethanks

October 17, 2014

Three Yale Security Officers recently got a surprise visit, gifts, balloons and thanks for their outstanding service to the community. Judith Rivera, Johnny Oueng and Noel Cordero at their recent mini-ceremonies. All were pleasantly surprised and Johnny even posed for a selfie...

Two More Members of Yale Police Department are Thanked

October 17, 2014

Sergeant Marnie Robbins-Hoffman and Assistant Chief Steve Woznyk were recently surprised and thanked for their work with the SHARE Center.

Members of the Yale Police Department (YPD) are often out in the community meeting with different groups. Recently Assistant Chief...

West Campus Team Receives #outofthebluethanks

October 17, 2014

The tight knit team at West Campus received a group #outoftheblue thanks. From LtoR front row Don Relihan, Ali Leibenhaut, Al Wulff, Fred Apuzzo & Gerry Apuzzo. Back Row Frank Ramos and George Everett.

Recently, team “fantastic four” that runs the West Campus...

Two Yale Security Staffers Get a Surprise #outofthebluethanks

September 29, 2014

Last week Security staffers Richard Nucci and David Nevins were surprised with an #outofthebluethanks for their above and beyond assistance during the Teaching and Learning Center’s regional meeting of the AAMC.

Last week Security staffers Richard Nucci and David...