Union-Management Relations Training

Does your management team need help understanding provisions of the contract or how best to navigate in a unionized environment? Our Labor Relations and Best Practices team can assist. For more information, please contact:

Local 34 & Cedarhurst:  Darlene ThomsonAlexandra Gross
Local 35, Police, Security: Cory Garfman | David Kelly
Best Practices:  Toby Bates

Overview of the University’s 2022-2027 Collective Bargaining Agreement with Local 34

This presentation contains the information about the 2022-2027 collective bargaining agreement for Local 34, as presented during our live sessions. For your reference, we have formatted the presentation with both audio voiceover and captioned transcript.

Moving Conflict to Resolution

This workshop is designed to strengthen the labor-management relationship with a new approach to interacting with each other and problem-solving. This new approach promotes a more collaborative and interest-based model that provides structure, process, and communication skills that can improve the quality and speed of dispute resolution. For more information, please contact Best Practices.

Ladder of Inference - Challenging Assumptions

Based on research by organizational psychologist Chris Argyris, the “Ladder of Inference” is a proven tool that leads to better, more informed decision-making. The key is to reason through your thoughts and challenge your reactionary assumptions. This workshop will help ensure your conclusions and actions are based on facts.

Managing at Yale

If you supervise unionized staff, the Managing at Yale program offers multiple opportunities to learn how to manage in a unionized environment at Yale.

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