Statistics and Reporting

Annual Safety Report on Campus Crime and Fire Incidents

As we do each year, consistent with federal law, Yale University is making available its annual report on campus security and fire safety (Clery Report). Each October we submit a report for the previous calendar year.

Download the Clery Report, which contains three years’ worth of campus crime statistics and certain security policy statements, fire safety information, and where students, faculty, and staff should go to report crimes. The report uses federally mandated definitions concerning the locations and types of crimes in order to allow for comparisons across campuses.

The Yale data, along with comparable information from other colleges and universities, are published, by the U.S. Department of Education and can be viewed on the Campus Safety and Security website.

If you want to view Yale’s Campus Security and Fire Safety annual reports (the “Clery Report”) from previous years, please click on the following links.

It is also important to note that the Yale Police monitor and report incidents beyond those that are included in the federally mandated definitions in order to increase awareness and inform the Yale community about serious events.

We hope you will read the report on campus security and fire safety and become familiar with the services and programs that are available to help keep the campus safe.

Fire Log Maintenance and Requests

Consistent with federal law, Yale maintains a fire log of any fire that occurs in on-campus student housing facilities. For a hard copy of the fire log, containing the most recent 60-day period, please contact Yale Facility Operations at 203-432-6888. They can provide hard copies of the fire log during normal business hours Monday through Friday.

Daily Crime Log