Belonging at ORA

“Creating connection, community, and a strong DEIB foundation at the Office of Research Administration (ORA).”

The Office of Research Administration (ORA) at Yale University is dedicated to welcoming, valuing, and supporting everyone’s unique contributions, as well as encouraging a diverse representation. We are actively committed to cultivating an environment for learning, working, and being; where diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and mutual respect thrive. ORA strives to be a safe and supportive environment that celebrates, empowers, and openly acknowledges the diversity of our staff, faculty, students, and visitors.

We resist all forms of discrimination and prejudice. This DEIB committee is a collaboration and a call to action to bond together in empathy and allyship; aspiring to advance a culture of inclusion through intentional, positive, and conscious efforts.

ORA recognizes that diversity is intersectional and through actively listening to each other’s voices we engage the broad backgrounds and talents that diversify the research administration workforce.

Action of the Month
As the springtime fosters growth and renewal, so do we. Let’s express our gratitude to all members of our diverse workforce. Everyone’s unique perspectives, talents, and contributions enrich our organization beyond measure. Together, our diversity promotes our growth and development as a team, so let’s recognize the invaluable strength it brings.

We thank you for your unwavering dedication to creating an inclusive, equitable, and welcoming environment where everyone feels valued and empowered to thrive. Here’s to a Spring filled with appreciation, renewed energy, and continued strides toward a brighter, more inclusive future.

Belonging at ORA Inclusive Community

Belonging at ORA meets via Zoom every first Thursday of the month. Committee members include: Emily Alberto, Christine Adinolfi, Michele Antisdel, Tim Aucoin, Colleen Barroso, Crystal Beckwith, Pam Caudill, Stella Damoah, Boris Domantovsky, Griselle Gandulla, Denise Graham, Wayne Hayes, Beth Kingsley, Theresa Katz, Lisa Mosley, Jess Randall, Jennifer Rawlings, Kayla Rubanza, Elizabeth Ruiz, Matt Stafford, Diana Sarju, Madison Savage, Kimber Tanaka, Maria Vitiello, Michele Vitiello, Katarzyna Sims.

Engagement Opportunities and Events

Visit Belonging at Yale to explore Engagement Opportunities, upcoming events, and news.

  • Yale’s LGBT Affinity Group Book Club: register for the next meeting on March 28.
  • Charcuterie Board Making 101: Meat & Cheese, Dessert, and Breakfast.
    A shopping list will be distributed prior so you can follow along and plan for your very own event(s). Date to be announced!
  • Meaningful Connections with Danielle Casioppo:
    Interactive workshop to help bring more of who you are to what you do!  Support creating deeper connections. Event date to be announced

Interested in learning more? Want to join the committee? Chat with us!

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