Salary and Pay Equity Guidelines

Hiring Managers are encouraged to defer to their Talent Acquisition Partner for all salary questions. Hiring Managers should not discuss salary with candidates, and are prohibited by law from inquiring about a candidate’s current or previous salary. 

  • C&T, S&M, Security, Police: For bargaining unit positions, salary is determined by contractual guidelines. There are many factors which determine salary (position title, candidate type, etc.) so it is best to consult with your Talent Acquisition Partner on interpreting the contract with regard to pay.
  • M&P: All positions are associated with a grade which comes with a generalized salary range. A discussion about expectation for salary will take place with your Talent Acquisition Partner prior to commencement of the Recruitment process.
  • Temporary (C&T and M&P): It is recommended that temporary employees be hired at the minimum of the grade associated with the job title into which they are being hired. There are some exceptions to this, so please discuss with your Staffing representative.

Pay Equity Compliance

In May 2018, the Connecticut General Assembly signed into law Public Act No. 18-8, An Act Concerning Pay Equity to take effect January 1, 2019. This new law prohibits employers from asking, or directing a third-party to ask, about a prospective employee’s salary and wage history. Employers and/or hiring managers and others involved in the hiring process should not ask questions that can be perceived as inquiring about salary or wage history.

The law does not prohibit a candidate from voluntarily disclosing wage and salary history. In addition, the law does not apply to any actions taken by an employer pursuant to any law that specifically authorizes the disclosure or verification of salary history for employment purposes.

Read the full text of CT Public Act No. 18-8.

The law provides that an employer may ask about other components of a candidate’s compensation (i.e. stock, benefits), but the employer cannot ask about their monetary value.

Guidance for interviewing and hiring prospective employees

The Staffing & Career Development Office can assist with your recruiting needs and provide guidance regarding interviewing and hiring best practices. Should you have any questions regarding the interview process and procedures, please contact your designated Talent Acquisition Partner or review the helpful tips and resources on our website.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this bill, please contact the Employee Service Center (ESC),