Temporary Staffing

As a university hiring manager, we can help you find the right person to fill your temporary staffing needs; such as filling in during a leave of absence, seasonal need, or special project.

How to Hire a Temporary Worker

To start the process of hiring a temporary employee:

For more information about hiring employees for temporary work, view the Temporary Employee Hiring Process for C&T, M&P, and S&M.

C&T Internal Staffing Resources

Before approaching an external employment service or casual employee, learn more about Yale’s in-house services and requirements:

  • Interim Employment Pool (IEP): The IEP is the university’s primary hiring source for Local 34 Clerical & Technical (C&T) temporary work assignments. Find out how the IEP can assist you with your staffing needs.
  • Yale Temporary Staffing Services (YTSS): Yale Temporary Staffing Services (YTSS) is a strategic temporary worker program that places full-time Yale University employees into temporary work assignments in the clerical and technical domains.
  • New Haven Hiring Initiatives: Find out how Yale’s hiring initiatives with the City of New Haven bridges the connection between qualified, pre-screened New Haven Works participants and open positions at the university. 

Authorization Numbers

For Clerical and Technical temporary assignments that fall within the oversight of the Local 34 Bargaining Unit contract, authorization numbers are issued to a hiring department when the temporary need is unable to be fulfilled by the IEP, YTSS, or the New Haven Hiring Initiative. Hiring managers are required to obtain an authorization number when hiring a temporary employee outside of our priority sourcing channels.

If the temporary worker you hire is unable to complete the entire assignment in the requested timeframe, you will need to submit a new requisition prior to replacing that temporary worker to re-check the availability of an internal temporary employee from the IEP, YTSS, and/or New Haven Hiring Initiatives.

Background Checks for External Temporary Employees

All temporary employees must successfully complete a background check screening prior to starting their assignment at Yale. Learn more on Background Checks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please verify that:

  • Your Workday requisition has been approved
  • The requisition creator received notification that the requisition has integrated into STARS
  • The requisition creator has finalized the STARS Job Posting Info
  • The STARS requisition has been routed for Department Approval
  • Final Department Reviewer has approved the STARS requisition

Once department has approved the STARS requisition, the requisition will be QC’d by Staffing. Once approved, requisition enters the C&T Talent Acquisition Partner queue for internal sourcing. If no internal candidates are available, an application link will be released to Dept. For M&P jobs the application link and instructions are automatically released, no internal sourcing takes place.

Please verify that:

  • The candidate been sent the application link to apply
  • The primary contact received notification that candidate has successfully applied
  • The primary contact completed the Data Collection Form (DCF)

Once Data Collection Form has been completed by the department, the form will be processed by Staffing. The Primary contact will receive notification when the DCF has been processed. Then, a communication from HireRight will inform dept. that Background Check process has begun (if needed).

Update and approval for timekeeping is done in Kronos by supervisor.

Once your candidate has been newly hired into Workday.

  • Net ID, PIN, and email are sent to Hiring Manager and Lead Administrator on requisition, not Primary Contact. 
  • For Contingent Workers Net ID and Pin is sent to Hiring Manager and Lead Administrator on requisition, not Primary Contact.  You will need to request email Access through Yale ITS Help Desk.
  • If your candidate is a Rehire. Please contact ITS Help Desk to reactive Net ID and Email.

Please contact your business office for PO number.

Submit all requests to cancel to requisitions through the Employee Service Center. Please do not use the “Close Position/Requisition” Business Process in Workday to close requisitions.