Recruit and Hire Staff

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As you begin your recruiting process, the following information, tools, and resources will provide guidance. We also encourage you to contact your Human Resources Business Partner and Talent Acquisition Partner early in the process. Talent Acquisition (TA) provides customized support and resources to ensure you locate and hire the best candidate for your role. Learn more about our recruiting services—from sourcing and promotion to interviewing and hiring.

Step by Step: The Recruitment Journey

Before Your Job is Posted

Step Action Items

Intake and Recruitment Strategy

Hiring Manager finalizes and submits job description and meets with Talent Acquisition

Intake Meeting with Talent Acquisition Partner
Gain insight into facilitating a successful search

Recruiting Services
Discover how Talent Acquisition supports you, from consultation to onboarding

Temporary Employee Hiring Process
Explore how to hire for a period of less than six months


Talent Acquisition determines strategy to market job and source potential candidates

Advertising Your Position
Explore opportunities to communicate and promote your open position

Candidate Development

Applicants are pre-screened by Talent Acquisition to develop a qualified slate to discuss with hiring manager

Recruiting Services
Learn how qualified candidates are identified – and provide feedback to your partner


Interviewing and Selecting Your Finalist

Steps Action Items

Assessment and Selection

Candidates are interviewed, assessed, and selected

Interview Guide (PDF)
View detailed guidelines to conduct successful interviews and candidate evaluation


Making it Official

Step Action Items


Offer details are developed and communicated to preferred candidates

Your Talent Acquisition Partner is responsible for extending all offers

Union Contracts and Offer Process
Review guidelines to hiring Local 34 bargaining unit positions

Turndown Letters
Navigate turndown communications to candidates based on job classification


Background and reference checks are initiated, leading to the completion of the hire in Workday

Congratulations on your new hire!
Visit the Onboard section of the Manager Toolkit for helpful resources on background checks, new employee orientation, and additional next steps to ensure a smooth onboarding process