Talent Acquisition

Opportunities Around Every Corner

We work at Yale to support its mission to improve the world for everyone. The talent acquisition team strives to create a diverse and inclusive world of work at Yale— filled with inspiration and opportunities to engage, collaborate, grow, and make an impact.

From Consultation to Onboarding

With a future-focused mindset, we apply data-driven insights, sourcing tactics, and inclusive recruitment strategies to identify and provide highly qualified candidates for current and future hiring needs. Whether you are a candidate or a hiring manager, you are informed of each stage in the recruitment journey.

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If you are starting a recruitment process or exploring new opportunities within Yale, let the steps below guide you through the process.

Hiring Manager

Current Staff Member

External Applicant

The Candidate Experience

We place candidates at the heart of the recruitment process. Your Talent Acquisition Partner spends time getting to know you and understanding your skills and experiences. We stay in contact with you throughout your recruitment journey, so you know where you stand. If your skills and experience do not match a current need, they could be the perfect qualifications for a future role.

Our talent acquisition professionals work jointly to ensure a positive experience for candidates—and hiring managers.

  • Talent Acquisition Partners (TAP) understand the business of their client departments and partner with hiring managers to develop recruitment strategies beyond an initial vacancy. Forming relationships with job seekers creates positive impressions of Yale’s recruitment process.
  • Talent Acquisition Sourcing Specialists (TASS) build candidate pipelines and develop sourcing strategies using insights, tactics, and community hiring initiatives. They prescreen resumes in consultation with the TAP regarding hiring needs.
  • Talent Acquisition Coordinators (TAC) ensure a seamless transition to candidate onboarding by working with the TAP, TASS, and hiring manager.


Throughout the recruitment process, it is important that the Hiring Manager provide feedback to the Talent Acquisition Partner on their candidate pool. This feedback helps the Talent Acquisition Partner and the Talent Acquisition Sourcing Specialist, if applicable, to improve the quality of referred candidates. Providing feedback also allows for ongoing dialogue with the Talent Acquisition Partner, who can provide helpful information regarding the employment market as it relates to the role for which the Hiring Manager is recruiting.

For Clerical and Technical positions, an Offer Review Form must be completed whenever a qualified layoff candidate from the L34 bargaining unit has been referred, but is not selected for a C&T position within the bargaining unit. The Offer Review Form is used to demonstrate the reason for selecting a candidate over a layoff candidate. The reasons should only relate to the required skills and abilities of the position. This information should include why the selected candidate is significantly more qualified for the position than the layoff candidate. Such justification may be gathered from application materials, interview notes or feedback received while conducting reference checks. It is important that the Hiring Manager work with the Talent Acquisition Partner to complete the Offer Review Form. Once completed, the Talent Acquisition Partner will submit the Offer Review Form and associated documentation to the bargaining unit.

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