Union Contract Guidelines

Your Recruiter will be guiding you through the process for hiring into a Local 34 (L34) bargaining unit position. Throughout the recruitment process, it’s important to keep your Recruiter informed of candidates being considered, and those not being considered, especially if they are internal to L34. Whenever possible, priority consideration should be given to applicants who are internal to L34 (especially those who are in layoff status). 

L34 Clerical & Technical (C&T) positions are posted for a minimum of 14 calendar days, and there is no deviation from this contract policy for any reason. 

If you have internal L34 applicants who are not being considered for the position, you will need to provide feedback on them to your Recruiter. Sometimes, this feedback needs to be given before a position is posted externally (i.e. if you have 3 or more internal applicants, or at least one applicant who is in layoff status).

Please note for the purposes of hiring for L34 positions, any applicant who is not L34 internal is considered “external” according to the L34 contract – this includes M&P, S&M and C&T candidates who are in excluded/non-L34 positions.  

Interviews are strongly recommended for L34 internal applicants, and are required (in person) for those L34 applicants in layoff status. 

If considering applicants external to Yale, please note the university’s strong commitment to hiring from New Haven, which is supported by the L34 Union.

Once you as the Hiring Manager have identified finalists, please notify your Recruiter so that we can provide guidance on next steps.  Please refer to the Salary Guidelines section of this guide for further information as it pertains to compensation for C&T L34 positions.

Offer Review Form and Process

An offer review form must be completed whenever a qualified layoff candidate from the L34 bargaining unit has been referred, but is not selected for a C&T position within the bargaining unit.  This form includes justification for why you have selected your preferred candidate over any applicants in layoff status, and is then sent to the Union for their review/feedback.

The Recruiter will send the offer review form with a sample of how we recommend it is filled out.  On the offer review form, the Hiring Manager justifies per the posted STARS requirements, why the chosen candidate is significantly more qualified than the candidate(s) in layoff status.  The Recruiter reviews what the Hiring Manager has written and makes suggestions and revisions as needed. 

The offer review form is then sent to the Union by the Recruiter along with a copy of all relevant resumes (chosen candidate and each qualified candidate in layoff status).  The Union has 48 hours (business days only) from the time they receive the form to review the reasons and let the Recruiter know if they have any concerns.  An offer cannot be made before the 48-hour deadline.  If the Union responds with questions or concerns, the Recruiter will work with you as the Hiring Manager to provide more feedback.