Recruiting Services

When you partner with our Staffing & Career Development team, you receive customized support and resources to hire top candidates. Learn more about our services—from sourcing to hiring.

Our Services

Consultation and Planning

  • Research market-based data
  • Develop job descriptions and recruitment strategies
  • Coach and help hiring managers navigate through labor and legal compliance

Sourcing and Advertising (if applicable)

  • Locate top talent through LinkedIn, career fairs, and other channels
  • Advertise for positions in niche markets
  • Provide support with diversity outreach

Screening and Interviews

  • Review applicant submissions and identify qualified candidates
  • Conduct phone screens when appropriate
  • Assist with developing or reviewing interview questions

Hiring and Onboarding

  • Extend and negotiate offers of employment
  • Process background checks
  • Provide assistance with communication and feedback to candidates not selected
  • Deliver onboarding tips and resources