Staff Spirit Week

Staff Spirit Week (August 3-7) celebrates the dedication and drive for excellence that Yale staff members exhibit day in and day out to make the university the thriving institution it is today. We are excited to invite you to a series of themed virtual events. President Salovey will kick off the week’s celebration on August 3 with Music Monday/Staff Appreciation Day, followed by Homes & Gardens Tuesday, Staff Spirit Day on Wednesday, Cultural Thursday, and Foodie Friday. Scroll down to see what is planned for each day.

Music Monday

President Salovey opens Staff Spirit Week festivities with a video shout-out. A virtual, live music event features a musician playing select tunes submitted by staff members—look for Spotify and Apple Music playlists of all the songs previously submitted to It’s Your Yale. Also, we announce the winners of the song-request contest.

Homes & Gardens Tuesday

Staff members who previously submitted garden photos and questions will have their queries answered by Yale gardening experts in a video. Enjoy interviews with garden aficionados along with links to local community gardens and farmers markets. Also, we announce the winners of the gardening-question contest.

Staff Spirit Day on Wednesday

Yale leaders appreciate you today via video. A photo gallery shows staff members really getting their spirit on—three will be random-prize winners. Play a knock-out trivia game and you could be a winner. See discounts from YaleAdvantages; and use the new “Chat Stickers” to connect with colleagues.

Cultural Thursday

Learn to draw by a Yale artist in an online drawing class via Zoom. Discover virtual gallery tours and coloring sheets of masterpieces. View a photo gallery of staff-member artwork and find out who the winners are in a random prize drawing. Send “Chat Stickers” to your colleagues.

Foodie Friday

Get into the kitchen with two online cooking demos from Yale Hospitality and save the recipe cards. Listen to President Salovey’s podcast interview with Hospitality staff members. Also, have fun with Yale’s “Chewing the Fat” series, Maria Warner’s cooking adventure with her son, and the new “Chat Stickers.”