Student Mail and Shipping

Important Updates

Barnes & Noble Student Package Center (77 Broadway)

All Yale Students Living On Campus
Please ship packages 2 days prior to your arrival date. Once packages are received, they will be held for 3 days for pickup and will be returned to sender on the 4th day. If your items were already shipped prior to 2 days of your return day and you are unable to collect the items in the 3-day grace period because you have not yet arrived back on campus, the items will be returned to sender.

New Guidance for Package Labeling
Please address all student packages in the following format:

  • Student Name (the name that is affiliated to your Yale email address and preferred name if it applies)
  • Barnes & Noble Student Package Center
  • Your Residential College or Old Campus Hall (this information should be where you are living on-campus not the name of the college you are affiliated with)
  • 77 Broadway, Lower Level
  • New Haven, CT 06511

John Smith
Barnes & Noble Student Package Center
Berkeley College
77 Broadway, Lower Level
New Haven, CT 06511

Package pickup hours of operation are as follows:

  • Monday - Saturday – (10 a.m. – 7 p.m.)
  • Sundays – (12 p.m. – 5 p.m.)

Students will receive an email when your UPS, DHL, USPS, Fed Ex, Amazon, or LaserShip package has been scanned and received at our Student Package Center. Do not come to the package center until you receive a second email letting you know it is “ready for pickup”. Lastly, once you pick up your package, you will receive a final email stating your package has been picked up.

For any student package inquiries please complete the TR&S Package Request form. If you have questions regarding your package please call the Barnes & Noble - Student Package Center at 203-436-2708.

Package Pickup

To reduce the number of packages arriving on campus, we suggest students consolidate their purchases whenever possible. We strongly encourage students to schedule their shipments accordingly.

To track your USPS packages, go to the USPS Tracking page.

Student P.O. boxes at the United States Postal Service at Yale Station and Amazon lockers remain viable options for individuals to receive mail and packages going forward.

Amazon Lockers

Address Locker Name
206 Elm St (New Haven) Qasim
272 Elm St (New Haven) Rally
165 Whitney Ave (New Haven) Moustache
800 West Campus Dr. (Orange) Grade

Mail Delivery

Post office Boxes (to be used after you arrive to campus)

To receive United States Postal Service (USPS) mail on campus, all students are required to have a U. S. Post Office Box. You can rent your U.S. Post Office Box by going to PO Boxes page on the USPS website. You cannot ship your items to the US post office until you activate your post office box number. Packages mailed to 77 Broadway Lower Level must have a scannable bar code. All other packages without a scannable bar code, will be returned to sender. Only packages are accepted, no mail or correspondence will be accepted (including magazines, bank statements, cards and letters).

U. S. mail sent to you at Yale without your Post Office Box number or the Yale Station street address will be subject to delay in delivery, and in some cases will be returned to the sender. There is no direct delivery by U. S. mail to Yale buildings, so do not include the street address of your residential college or dormitory on packages sent by U. S. mail. All packages addressed to colleges or dorms, will be sent back to sender.

To ensure that US mail can be addressed and delivered to students living on-campus, Yale’s existing policy requiring students to establish a PO Box and mailing address at Yale Station remains in effect. The temporary practice of Campus Mail delivering student US Mail to each residential college office will be discontinued. Any misaddressed US Mail will be returned to sender. Exceptions will be made for voting ballots, passports, and jury duty notices, which on-campus students without PO Boxes can address to themselves at their residential college office address, for delivery by Campus Mail.

Avoid Lost or Delayed Mail

All letters and packages to your Post Office Box should be addressed according to the following sample:

Your Name
206 Elm Street
P. O. Box Number
New Haven, CT 06520-____ (the last 4 digits of you post office box #)

Students may not address their Priority/Certified mail to Campus Mail, 77 Broadway, nor their affiliated college. All Priority/Certified mail for students must be addressed to the student’s PO Box number, otherwise it will be returned to sender.

Letters and packages sent by U. S. mail can be picked up at the Yale Station post office, 206 Elm Street, during regular operating hours.

P.O. Boxes and Summer Break

Any student who is going to receive mail or packages while at Yale, must use their U.S. Post Office box. No mail should be addressed to your residential college. Using a Yale Station P.O. Box guarantees that letters and packages, including UPS and FedEx, will get to one location without delay. If you do not have a box, visit Yale Station today and sign up for one. During your time at Yale, you will keep the same box number.

Before summer break, be sure to empty the P.O. Box and submit a Change of Address Card to Yale Station, 206 Elm Street, New Haven, CT 06520.

Graduating Seniors Take Note

After Commencement and before you leave for home, please be sure your post office box has been emptied and submit a Change of Address card to Yale Station, 206 Elm Street, New Haven, CT 06520.

For more information, email

If you would like to inquire about a package please make sure to include the recipients full name, address the package was shipped to and the tracking number.