Visitor Parking

All visitors to the University must pay to park in Yale Parking Services operated lots, unless advance arrangements have been made through a hosting department. Parking arrangements for all conferences must be made in advance. If advance notice is not possible, Yale Parking Services will make every effort to accommodate visitors where space is available. A fee is required for guest passes, and may be paid by the host department by either cash, department purchase card or service request. Individuals visiting the University may purchase short-term permits at the Yale Parking Services office.

Each person who parks in a University parking lot agrees that neither Yale University nor any of its officers or employees is responsible for injury to person, nor for theft of, nor damage to vehicles or their contents while on University property.

View the list of Visitor Parking locations.

Please be aware that visitor/patient parking has reserved spaces on the lower levels at the Lock street and Howard Avenue Garages. All visitors/patients should park in their assigned areas. 


Bicycles may be parked only in areas specifically designated for bicycle parking. Visit the Bike page for more information.

Motorized two-wheeled vehicles

Motorized two-wheeled vehicles may park free in unlined corners of ungated parking lots. No Motorcycle parking is allowed in gated lots and garages.