Faculty and Staff Parking

The University grants permits and makes parking lot assignments based upon a salary classification system.

Any parking permit issued by Yale University must be displayed. Should you drive another vehicle without a permit, it is your duty to inform the Parking Department.

Please be aware that Yale employees have designated parking areas in Lock St Garage, Howard Ave Garage, 340G, 2CSS, 100CSS, Chapel York Garage, Science Park Garage. All Faculty and Staff should park in their assigned areas.


Lots and garages are reserved for permit parkers during normal business hours. The university does open some lots to the general public for after business hours. A list of these locations can be found on the Parking Locations page.


To obtain permits and/or passes for parking at the University, please submit a Parking Application (for Faculty and Staff). The Yale Parking office is located at 221 Whitney Avenue and is open between the hours of 8:00 AM and 2:30 PM, Monday through Friday.

Occasional Parking

Unless you know that you will park your car on campus every day, you might get more value from purchasing daily debit parking permits. Daily parking gives you the flexibility to make more choices about how you commute to campus each day.

To Purchase Debit Parking Permits:

  • Call the Parking Office at 203-432-9790 and ask to purchase debit parking. Staff will help you determine which available lot is most convenient for you. If you are giving up a monthly permit and have a lot assignment that you would like to keep, that can be accommodated in most cases.
  • Use a credit card number to purchase the number of days you need.
  • Total number of days will be loaded onto your Yale ID card. Swipe the card at parking lot access pads for entry.
  • To refill your card, simply call again.

Parking at the Yale School of Medicine

Surface lots and parking garages throughout the medical campus are available for all staff members. Fees are based on salary. Space allocation is based on staff function, space availability, and seniority. All lots and garages are monitored by security personnel, and some also include cameras and restricted access. Map of the Medical Campus.

Event Parking

By individual arrangement, we offer group parking for single and multi day events. If you will be hosting meetings, conferences, daily training sessions, please call us to pre-arrange parking for your guests.

Charter Services

Yale Departments are welcome to use any charter bus service that meets their needs.


Bicycles may be parked only in areas specifically designated for bicycle parking. Visit the Bike page for more information.

Motorized two-wheeled vehicles

Motorized two-wheeled vehicles may park free in unlined corners of ungated parking lots. No Motorcycle parking is allowed in gated lots and garages.