Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS)

Charging Station

Yale offers several charging options for electric vehicle (EV) drivers. As part of our commitment to offer secondary plug-in charging option, and in support of sustainability initiatives, we have partnered with ChargePoint to install EVCS around campus.

On-Campus EVCS Locations

  • Lot 22
  • 2 Whitney Grove Garage
  • 221 Whitney Garage
  • Amistad Garage
  • Coxe Cage/Cullman Courts
  • Evans Garage
  • Howe Street Garage
  • Lock Street Garage
  • Pierson Sage Garage
  • Prospect Sachem Garage
  • Science Park Garage
  • West Campus
  • York Crown Garage

View a list of other ChargePoint charging locations around New Haven.

Setting Up Connections in the ChargePoint App

Before you can begin charging, you must first create and activate your ChargePoint account. Yale University stations require you to establish a “connection” with ChargePoint to charge. Follow the following instructions to connect with Yale University for access to stations around campus:

  1. Sign up for ChargePoint or log in to your account in the app.
  2. To request to connect to the place where you want to charge, open the main menu, then click “Account.”
  3. Click “Connections.”
  4. Tap the “Browse Connections” button; type and search for the keyword: evcsyale.
  5. Enter required information, accept terms and conditions, and click Submit Request.
  6. You will receive an email notification that your request was approved.
  7. Once you’re approved, you’ll be able to start a charge and have visibility to university stations on campus in the ChargePoint mobile app.

Charging Station Regulations


  • EVCS parking spaces should only be used when charging a vehicle. Users should be considerate of the needs of fellow employees and move their vehicle to another parking spot once their vehicle is fully charged. Sharing EVCS allows multiple users to charge their vehicles during the day. The university reserves the right to impose fees for idle time when hooked up to an EVCS.
  • Users are prohibited from manipulating EVCS in any way. Such actions will be subjected to fines, and/or suspension of charging privileges.
  • Fee will be assessed at the rate of $0.30/KwH used. The university reserves the right to adjust fees and rates as necessary.
  • Pricing is consistent with fees being charged in other areas, where charging fee are applied. Hourly rate fees are consistent with average cost per kWh. Rates are reviewed periodically.

Users Responsibilities

  • All users will be required to register with ChargePoint to use the university EVCS. Use of the EVCS are at the vehicle owners’ risk and by using, users hold the university harmless for any damages as a result of use of the EVCS.
  • User must notify Yale Parking of any problems associated with an EVCS. Please contact the Yale Parking Office for additional information regarding EVCS.

University Rights

The university has the right to restrict use; make changes to existing EVCS; and/or eliminate EVCS without notice. For more information visit the University’s Electric Vehicle Charging Station (EVCS) policy.