Payroll Terms & Acronyms

C&T Yale University Clerical and Technical employee

Casual Employee

Yale University employee hired for a non–benefited temporary position


Record of wages/salary paid to employee

Exempt Employee

Classification of an employee whose job title and description makes them exempt from provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.


Social Security (OASDI)

Federal Insurance Contributions Act: A Federal system of old age, survivors, disability and hospital insurance.

  • OASDI : The old age, survivors and disability insurance part of FICA
  • Medicare Tax: The hospital insurance part of FICA
  • Additional Medicare Tax: Any gross income above 200k

Fiscal Year

Yale University’s Fiscal year is from July 1st through June 30th.



The “Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate” that determines federal tax withholdings.

CT W–4

The “Employee’s Withholding or Exemption Certificate” that determines State of Connecticut tax withholdings.


The “U.S. Department of Justice Employment Eligibility Verification form”. All new employees must complete this form to verify eligibility of employment.

Gross Pay

The total amount of payments made to an employee prior to any taxes and/ or pre–tax or post–tax deductions.


Yale University Managerial or Professional employee

Mail Code

Three digit campus routing code assigned by Campus Mail Delivery Service for each department to ensure accurate campus mail deliveries of paychecks and/or pay advices.

Net Pay

The total amount of payment after any applicable deductions including Federal, State, Social Security and Medicare B taxes and pre–tax or post tax deductions. “

Non–Exempt Employee

Classification of an employee whose job title and description are covered by the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

On Demand

The Workday/Payroll System’s term for any check processed and printed outside the realm of normal scheduled payroll processing cycles.


An employee has been overpaid for wages.  See University Policy.

Salary Advance

Under unforeseen circumstances, payments made to an employee prior to pay period.  Must follow University guidelines.


Yale University Service and Maintenance Employee


Terminal Vacation Pay—Vacation Pay due employee at time of termination.

Withholding Taxes

Federal taxes and all State taxes withheld from payroll payments in accordance with State and Federal tax laws.