Leadership Development

Develop your people. Inspire breakthrough performance.

To lead your team in ways that engage and inspire breakthrough performance—and develop the capabilities of your staff members—requires critical knowledge, skills, and attributes. That’s why the University developed its signature manager development program, Managing at Yale.

Managing at Yale, is more than a training curriculum. It sets in motion the fundamentals needed to support a work culture that values diverse experiences and points of view—and thrives on respect and collaboration. Through interactive and engaging presentations, real-life scenarios, and peer interactivity, you will learn about leadership principles, labor relations, diversity and inclusiveness, and much more.

Core Courses Now Online

The Managing at Yale core courses are now delivered through an online learning platform. Like an online college course, you can complete much of the content asynchronously—at your own pace—during times that work best for your schedule while still experiencing the benefits of live instruction when critically necessary. You are encouraged to participate in all live sessions with subject matter experts, however, you have the flexibility to watch most of the recorded sessions on your own time.

When you complete the initial three core courses encompassing the Managing at Yale program, you will feel empowered to effectively deliver on Yale’s leadership expectations. When you continue on to complete the Extraordinary Leader and Advancing the Extraordinary Leader program, you will gain insights from a 360-degree leadership assessment, development plan, and coach that will further develop you managerial and leadership skills.

Managing at Yale Program Core Courses

Course Description
Managing at Yale Essentials Step one in the Managing at Yale Program.
This virtual course provides new managers with an understanding of managing at Yale and is held over a six-week period. Participants dedicate approximately 4 hours/week to the program.
Great Manager Step two in the Managing at Yale Program.
This virtual five-week course continues the learning journey by providing managers a better understanding of themselves, their management style, and insights on how best to create an effective culture for their team. Participants invest up to 4 hours/week into their learning.
Managing for Results Step three in the Managing at Yale Program.
This final step of the initial journey continues as a virtual five-week course and provides a deeper understanding of how effective managers create high levels of satisfaction for customers, their staff, and themselves. Participants dedicate up to 4 hours/week to this program.

Additional Managing at Yale – Core Courses

Course Description

Extraordinary Leader Program

Step four in the Managing at Yale Program.
This one-day program for managers will educate, train and motivate you to become a great leader. It provides you with new insights on what make leaders extraordinary. A 360-degree leadership assessment, development plan and a coach are included. We recommend that you attend this twelve months following Managing for Results, the last course to complete the Managing at Yale series.

Advancing the Extraordinary Leader Program

Step five in the Managing at Yale Program .
This half-day program for managers will assess improvements you have made on the development areas you identified during your initial experience in the Extraordinary Leader Program. A 360-degree leadership assessment, development plan, and coach are again included. We recommend that you attend this training eighteen months following the Extraordinary Leader Program.

Managing at Yale Electives

Course Description

InsideOut Coaching

Learn to coach others for breakthrough performance and engagement (1 day).

Leading with Influence

Develop your skills to enlist, persuade, and engage others to achieve results (1/2 day).

Manager Chats

Join us quarterly for a special manager forum supporting and facilitating the ongoing growth of staff in their careers at Yale.

Project Management for Yale Professionals

This course is intended for those either leading projects or interested in learning more about the project management discipline (1 day (in-class) or 3 - two and a half hour virtually).

Professional Development – Non-Manager

Course Description

Aspiring Manager
(Nominate your employee for this program)

Non-Manager: This three half-day course will help those interested in a management career explore the key requirements and challenges of moving from individual contributor to manager. Participants must be nominated by their manager to be considered for the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Being able to manage your time is important to us. We estimate you need to set aside an average of 4 hours per week. Some weeks may be more than that while other weeks will be less. Managing at Yale Essentials, Week 4 Labor Relations, live videos are the heaviest with two 120-minute mandatory sessions. All other live sessions are recorded and available for viewing during the week they were recorded.

Once you have registered, we expect you to be available to participate in all three modules. We encourage you to review the Cohort module diagram and to reach out to the Learning Center at learning@yale.edu to determine the start dates and the best time to register. If your vacation interrupts your learning in any single module, it may be wise to choose another Cohort.

You will always have access to the content you created. However, access to the learning content is limited to the one-year timeframe of your license.

Please contact us at learning@yale.edu to discuss which Cohort fits your schedule and do not register for a Cohort via TMS. If you have already registered, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss the next steps.

Once a license is activated, it is the responsibility of the participant to continue with their learning. Please contact learning@yale.edu immediately to discuss your individual situation. Fees may apply.

Yale has contracted with an online learning platform, which requires an individual license to access the platform.

Yes, there is fee associated with each participants license. Yale provides the license at no cost to participants, however, if you activate your license and do not attend, a $60.00 recovery fee may be charged back to your department.

The initial core Managing at Yale series offered through the online learning platform has three modules and two 60-day breaks; Managing at Yale Essentials (six weeks with 2 mandatory live sessions in week #4), the Great Manager Program (five weeks), and Managing for Results (five weeks).

Following the completion of the three core modules, we offer two programs for managers to continue their development via a 360-assessment. This assessment and facilitated session are presented by Zenger Folkman, a globally recognized research-based consulting company. These courses are: Extraordinary Leader Program and its follow-up program, Advancing the Extraordinary Leader Program. It is recommended to start your 360-assessment process with the Extraordinary Leader Program 12 months following the completion of the initial core Managing at Yale series.

Yes. Once your license has been activated, you will be asked to complete all three modules in that same Cohort. Should an emergency arise, please reach out to us to discuss your individual situation at learning@yale.edu.

Please contact us at learning@yale.edu to discuss your situation prior to registration. Once your license has been activated, you will be asked to complete all three modules in that same Cohort.

Please contact us at learning@yale.edu with your alternative date and we will adjust the dates. Please do not register for multiple dates.

Accidents happen! Please contact us at learning@yale.edu to confirm the date you want to commit to.

When you register, you start the process for activating your license. But don’t worry; we will reach out to confirm your attendance as we get closer to the Cohort date. Once confirmed, you will be enrolled in the online platform and your license will be activated with your first log in. Once activated, your license is good for one year for course completion. Access to any content you have created on the platform will not expire!

Detailed syllabi are available one week before the start of the Cohort and included in your welcome email.

View/download the sample syllabus for the following courses:

This program is highly recommended for all existing and new managers at Yale as the curriculum was specifically designed to support managers in the unique managerial environment that Yale represents. If you have additional questions, please contact learning@yale.edu. If you have concerns regarding your participation in this program, please reach out to your HRG.

That is fine. You do not need dual screens to complete this course.

If you do not have access to a camera via your laptop or desktop, you can access live meetings and team meetings via your smart phone by downloading the Zoom app found in your favorite App Store. Just remember to use your Yale ID to log in.

Once your license is activated, you will receive a welcome email with specific log in instructions for accessing the online learning platform.

Do not worry! We offer an opportunity to learn all about using an online learning platform before the course begins. Once you are enrolled, we will notify you of the live session, or how you can access a recorded session.