Leadership Development

At Yale, our employees are our greatest assets and their development is a top priority. To reinforce this commitment, the University offers Managing at Yale to provide managers of staff, at all levels, with the knowledge and resources they need to successfully lead and develop others.

Managing at Yale, however, is more than a training curriculum — it sets in motion the fundamentals needed to help transform Yale’s culture. Through interactive and engaging presentations and real-life scenarios, Yale managers learn about labor relations, diversity and inclusiveness, and much more.

When managers complete one of the three core Managing at Yale development programs, they will feel empowered to effectively deliver on Yale’s leadership expectations.

Managing at Yale Core

Course Description
Aspiring Manager
(Nominate your employee for this program)
Non-Manager: This three half-day program will help those interested in a management career investigate some of the key requirements and challenges of moving from individual contributor to manager. Participants must be nominated by their manager to be considered for the program.
Managing at Yale Essentials Step one in the Managing at Yale series.
This three-day program for new managers will provide essential understanding of managing at Yale. We recommend that you take this within the first 90 days of becoming a manager at Yale.
Great Manager Program Step two in the Managing at Yale series.
This two-day program for managers will provide a better understanding of yourself, your management style, and insights on how best to create an effective culture for your team. We recommend that you attend this within six months following Managing at Yale Essentials.
Extraordinary Leader Program Step three in the Managing at Yale series.
This one -day program for managers will educate, train and motivate you to become a great leader. It provides each you with new insights on what make leaders extraordinary. A 360-degree leadership assessment, development plan and a coach are included. We recommend that you attend this twelve months following the Great Manager Program.
Advancing the Extraordinary Leader Program Step four in the Managing at Yale series.
This half-day program for managers will assess improvements you have made on the development areas you identified during you experience in the Extraordinary Leader Program. A 360-degree leadership assessment, development plan, and coach are included. We recommend that you attend this eighteen months following the Extraordinary Leader Program.

Managing at Yale Electives

Course Description
InsideOut Coaching Learn to coach others for breakthrough performance and engagement (1 day).
Leading with Influence Develop your skills to enlist, persuade, and engage others to achieve results (1/2 day).
Manager Chats Join us quarterly for a special manager forum supporting and facilitating the ongoing growth of staff in their careers at Yale.
Managing for Results Learn how effective managers create high levels of satisfaction for customers, their staff, and themselves. We recommend you attend this course after attending the Great Manager Program (2 days).
Project Management for Yale Professionals This course is intended for those either leading projects or interested in learning more about the project management discipline (1 day).

Frequently Asked Questions

All managers of staff are expected to take advantage of the Managing at Yale programs, which are designed to help them develop their skills and abilities as managers at Yale. It is essential that all managers of staff at Yale participate in the appropriate program based on their managerial experience here at Yale, not their overall managerial experience.

Yes, you should consider participating in Managing at Yale because it is designed to help you succeed in your management role here at Yale. This program focuses specifically on the unique environment that you, as a manager, must learn to navigate here at Yale rather than your overall managerial experience.  It ensures that managers of staff at Yale at all levels (entry, mid and senior) receive the information, tools and resources they need to be successful managers during their careers at the University.

We have considered several options for delivering our Managing at Yale courses.  Ultimately, we determined that the impact of these courses is greatest when the time span between sessions is condensed and the courses are scheduled on consecutive days.

In this instance, we encourage you to not register for a course until you are able to make the commitment to attend each full day of the course, which is designed to provide managers with valuable new information. So, it is vital that managers are able to attend all days scheduled for a course.

The Managing at Yale series is intended to help individuals navigate supervisory and leadership situations at Yale. We would encourage everyone who leads others to participate in the course sequence.

The electives have been created to help you achieve breakthrough performance as a Yale leader. There is no limit to the number of electives or professional development courses you can take.

There is no prescribed order, rather you should take time to review the descriptions and determine which courses align with your development plan, needs, interests, and schedule.

Since enrollment is typically by nomination, you are encouraged to discuss your desired attendance with your manager. The Managing at Yale Essentials and Great Manager programs are fundamental to maximizing your experience in this course. If you have an interest, you can email learning@yale.edu to see if you are eligible to attend.

Leaders who participated in the Extraordinary Leader feedback process and are working on their development plan typically attend the Advancing course 18 to 24 months after completing The Extraordinary Leader. This gives individuals the time to digest their feedback, make strides towards their development work, and check in on how efforts and targeted actions are going. Both Organizational Effectiveness and Staff Development (OESD) and your human resource generalist (HRG) can help resolve questions regarding the right time to attend.

You can lead by example and take some of these courses yourself. You can then share your insights about the courses and provide a recommendation. You can also discuss and recommend these courses in the career conversations you have with your managers and provide your direct reports with both the encouragement and time needed to invest in their development.