Growth Mindset

Holding a Year-End Review Assessment Conversation With Your Employee

A Growth Mindset vs. A Fixed Mindset

There are over 4 million published studies associating the learning orientation–or growth mindset–of individuals, teams, and organizations with:

  • Success in change situations
  • Tolerance of uncertainty and ability to work in complex situations

An individual’s, team’s, or organization’s ability to learn underpins success factors.*

People with a growth mindset believe intelligence, personality, and character can be continuously developed with hard work.

  • Leaders with a growth mindset are better at problem solving, developing others, and deepening their own skills over time; they create environments that are motivating and conducive to innovation.
  • Employees with a growth mindset achieve more in mastery of skills, learning through failure, and persisting through obstacles.

To Do:

✓ Embrace a growth mindset to support positive movement.
    What are the opportunities for learning and growth in this conversation?

  • For myself?
  • For my employee?


TED Talk - The Power of Belief – Mindset and Success (11 min)
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