Prepare To Connect Using S.C.A.R.F. Tool

Social Domains Recommendations
Status Recognize your employee for their areas of expertise
  • Identify your employee’s contributions
  • Encourage and reward learning and development of new skills
Certainty Create familiar patterns that lead to safe, predictable outcomes
  • Share plans and goals
  • Explain what will stay the same amidst change
Autonomy Give your employee the opportunity to make decisions about matters that affect them
  • Allow staff to organize their own work and set their own hours
  • Set a goal and allow people to choose how to accomplish it
Relatedness Treat your employee as a colleague and a member of the team
  • When it makes sense, share as much information with your employee as you can
  • Connect in person or by phone/zoom rather than by email
Fairness Treats everyone with fairness and respect
  • Spread information quickly, clearly, and widely
  • Share the rationale behind tough decisions