Campus Departments

This page presents a directory of Yale departments and contact information for Operations Managers to consult.


Phone number: 203-432-7822


Catering Services (Central campus)
Phone number: 203-432-0470
Catering Services (Medical School - Marigolds)
Phone number: 203-785-4685
Chart of Accounts
Conferences and Events
Phone number: 203-432-0465
Controller’s Office
Phone number: 203-432-9240


Environmental Health & Safety
Phone number: 203-785-3550


Facilities Department
Phone number: 203-432-6888
Faculty Administrative Services
Notes: To receive a call, email and request a call back.
Faculty Research Management Services
Phone number: See website for Pre and Post award phone numbers and Email


General Accounting & Accounting Services
Notes: Associate Director of General Accounting: 203-432-9708
General Counsel
Phone number: Main number 203-432-4949 - See website for a full listing of phone numbers and Email
Gift Administration and Treasury Services
Phone number: 203-432-5498 (Contribution Processing) or 203-432-7025 (Office of Planned Giving) or Finance Staff Directory
Notes: For Treasury Services, contact Agnes Sinischalchi: 203-432-9100,; For gift awards, email
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Admissions - (GSAS) Admissions
Phone number: 203-432-2771
Notes: Director of Admissions: 203-432-2749 Assistant Director of Admissions: 203-432-7017
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Financial Aid - (GSAS) Financial Aid
Phone number: 203-432-2739
Notes: Assistant Director of Financial Aid: 203-432-2899
Grant and Contract Administration
Phone number: 203-785-3630 - See website “Contact Us” tab for a full listing of phone numbers and Email
Grant and Contract Financial Administration
Phone number: 203-785-3630 - See Website “Directory” for a full listing of phone numbers and Email


Human Resources Communications
Human Resources Compensation and Classification
Phone number: See website to find your (HRG) Human Resources Generalist and phone number
Human Resources Employee Services Center
Phone number: 203-432-5552
Human Resources Generalists
Phone number: 203-436-8857
Human Resources Organizational Effectiveness and Staff Development
Phone number: 203-432-5552
Human Resources Transaction Center
Phone number: 203-432-3801


ID Center - Central Campus
Phone number: 203-432-0165
Website: ID Center
Notes: Located at 57 Lock Street
ID Center - Medical School
Phone number: 203-785-OPEN
Website: ID Center
Notes: Located at 333 Cedar Street
Information Technology Services
Phone number: 203-432-9000
Website: ITS Help Desk


Mail Services
Phone number: For Central Campus: 203-436-4593 or for Science Hill: 203-432-5157
Website: Mail Services


Office of Enterprise Risk Management
Phone number: 203-432-0140
Office of Institutional Research
Office of International Students & Scholars
Phone number: 203-432-2305
Office of Postdoctoral Affairs
Phone number: 203-436-1697
Organizational Effectiveness & Staff Development
Phone number: 203-432-5552


Planning and Budget Office
Phone number: See website “Staff Directory” for a listing of phone numbers and Email
Notes: Please contact your unit’s Budget Analyst regarding Financial Reporting (reporting for central purposes, including Year End Closing)
Phone number: 203-432-9955 - see website “Contact Us” tab for a listing of Emails
Notes: Purchasing phone number: 203-432-3227


Phone number: 203-432-2330
Notes: Graduate concerns can be sent to; The Registrar’s Office offers training to new registrars.


Secretary’s Office
Phone number: 203-432-6602
Security Department
Phone number: 203-785-5555
Shared Services
Phone number: 203-432-5394
Student Employment Office
Phone number: 203-432-0167
Student Financial and Administrative Services
Phone number: See website for a listing of services they provide which includes phones numbers and Email
Sustainability Office
Phone number: 203-436-3571


Teaching Fellows Program
Phone number: 203-432-2757


Undergraduate Admissions
Phone number: 203-432-9300 See website “Contact Us” section for Email information
Notes: Director of Undergraduate Admissions (Margit Dahl):
University Properties
Phone number: 203-432-8300 See website “Contact Us” section for a listing of Email


Vendor Compliance Unit
Phone number: 203-432-5394 (Shared Services)


Yale Police Department
Phone number: Emergency: 911, Non-Emergency: 203-432-4400
Website: Yale Police
Yale Security Department
Phone number: Emergency: 203-785-5555, Information: 203-432-4400