Egencia Group Meetings

A Meeting Group has a fixed beginning and end date.  Travelers may only book air reservations (no rail, hotel, or car).  Please use this form when your event has a fixed beginning and end. I.E. conferences, open houses, etc. Only air may be booked for meetings, but we have a work around for Amtrak bookings.

A Traveler Group is for ongoing events such as incoming recruits, seminar speakers, etc. There is no set timeframe. Travelers have the ability to book air, rail, car and hotel. This form should be used when travel dates are more fluid, and when travelers need the ability to book hotel, car service, Amtrak, etc. Mostly used for seminar speakers, job searches, etc.

Group Air is for ten or more people all traveling on the same flight at the same time.  Group air will sometimes allow more flexibility pertaining to instant purchase and name changes. For smaller groups (10-12) it is suggested that you check published rates before signing a group contract.  The Egencia agent should be able to assist you in finding the best option for your unique group.

Request an Egencia Group Airline contract.

Your personal information necessary to book travel will be shared with individuals at Yale and travel vendors who require it to assist with your arrangements.