Air Travel

Booking Travel for Yale Business through Egencia

All your travel can be booked through Egencia. Through Egencia, you can access Yale University business discounts, all published fares, airline web fares and “Egencia Preferred” hotel rates. You will also enjoy “courtesy cancellations” on non-refundable tickets if cancelled by the next day at midnight after making your reservation.

Why Use Egencia?

Help Yale Save on Overall Travel Costs

Your utilization of Egencia will strengthen the university’s negotiating power in the future, as well as reduce monies spent on travel within your department. Most importantly, when employees make their reservations outside of Egencia, Yale Travel Management is limited in our ability to assist with “waivers and favors” from the airlines and other preferred travel suppliers in times of need due to unforeseen circumstances.

If you have any questions or need assistance with a complex reservation, please contact an Egencia agent by email at or by calling 877-647-1453.