Yale Fleet Management your source for a variety of programs and services that support Yale’s fleet of vehicles. The resources on this page provide you with information needed to operate your departmental vehicles as required by Yale policy.

  1. Accident Reporting - All accidents, regardless whether it is serious or minor, must be reported as soon as possible. Accidents include, backing into or hitting fixed objects or parked vehicles, collisions with other vehicles regardless who is at fault, vandalism, or single vehicle accidents. Failure to report may result in a significantly higher university deductible and/or denial of payment and also disciplinary action when required.
  2. Auto ID Card - A PDF of the vehicle ID cards are posted annually on this site by July 1.  Copies of the card should be printed from this link at the end of each fiscal year and maintained in the vehicle.  Should a card be lost a copy can be reprinted from the site as needed.
    Auto Insurance Identification Card - Vehicles (07/01/2022-06/30/2023)
    Auto Insurance Identification Card - Buses (07/01/2022-06/30/2023)
    Auto Insurance Identification Card - Vehicles (07/01/2021-07/01/2022)
    Auto Insurance Identification Card - Buses (07/01/2021-07/01/2022)
  3. Department of Transportation (DOT) Driver Safety Information
  4. Driver Safety Awareness Training - A link to register for Yale’s Driver Safety Awareness training which must be completed by any first-time driver of a Yale vehicle or a vehicle rented for travel on Yale business.
  5. Parking in New Haven- To sign up for the ParkMobile program for parking in New Haven by Yale vehicles on Yale business. ParkMobile allows drivers to park at meters and pay in 10 minute increments with their cell or smart phones. Drivers will be contacted via email when their meter is about to expire and they can extend time through their cell or smart phones. Please contact Yale Fleet to sign up your vehicles and drivers for ParkMobile 203-432-2285.  Do not sign up on your own, Yale Fleet has a Fleet account. Parking vouchers are NO longer available through Yale Fleet.
  6. Office of Risk Management
  7. Use of personal vehicles - In the event of an accident while using your personal vehicle for official University business, YOUR auto insurance is always PRIMARY, and the University’s insurance is EXCESS of your primary limits for damages to a third party.
  8. Zipcar

Email with any questions.