Vehicle Procurement Procedure

Vehicle Orders

  • Orders should be placed as early in the Fiscal Year as possible.  Vehicle orders can take up to 26 weeks for delivery depending upon the vehicle ordered.  Most manufacturers close out their order processing in March or April, so orders placed after these months may not arrive by the close of the fiscal year.
  • In-stock vehicles can be purchased if necessary and depending upon availability at the dealer.  Yale specified vehicles may not be available or may not be able to be obtained.

Viewing and Demos

  • Departments may request an on-campus viewing and demos of desired vehicles.  All On-Campus demos and viewings must be arranged by Fleet Management.  Fleet Management will work with the dealer to bring desired vehicles to campus so department personnel may test drive and examine a demo vehicle.
  • All Pricing negotiations and purchasing commitments are handled by  Fleet Management.

Vehicle Outfitting

  • All Yale vehicles must be white
  • All vehicles will be equipped with a rearview camera and telematics device.  Departments will be required to pay the monthly fee and installation costs as negotiated by Fleet Management.
  • Cargo vans and trucks will be equipped with a Yale specified backup alarm.  Passenger vehicles are not required to have such an alarm.  Other safety technology may be added as it becomes available.
  • No devices may be added to vehicles without the express permission of Fleet Management.
  • Other upfitting such as shelving, ladder racks, etc. will be handled by Fleet Management and will be completed prior to delivery of the vehicle to the department.

Vehicle Lettering

All vehicles must have Yale’s standard lettering which has Yale in large block lettering and room for a department name underneath Yale.  Exceptions must be approved by the Fleet Director.

  • DOT numbers will be added to vehicles that meet DOT requirements as interpreted by the Yale Office of General Counsel.
  • All vehicles will be labeled with the MEI number on the back or another visible location.
  • No other lettering will be allowed without the express consent of the Fleet Director.

Vehicle Delivery 

At time of delivery of new vehicle, the vehicle being replaced must be turned over to Fleet Management.

  • Any exception must be approved by the Fleet Director
  • Vehicles must be cleaned out.  Fleet may arrange for vehicle cleaning at the expense of the department.
  • Registration, keys, and gas card must be turned over to Yale Fleet Office. 

Diesel Fuel

  • All Diesel vehicles require Diesel Exhaust Fluid.  Please follow recommended intervals for refilling fluid.  Failure to do so may result in engine damage.  If you choose to use Biodiesel (if available) please check with owner’s manual to ensure the correct blend is used.
  • Drivers must be made aware the vehicle they are driving requires Diesel Fuel.  Fueling with any other type of fuel may damage the engine and void the warranties.

Alternative Fuel Vehicles

  • In accordance with the President’s Sustainability mandate, departments should consider alternative fuel vehicles or clean technology vehicles.  Yale Fleet will provide alternative fuel or technology options and pricing with orders when available.

Vehicle Procurement Form